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Our Background

The Breakthrough Project for Social Justice was first created in 1998 on February 5th, after a burning cross and racial epithets were found spray-painted at Tokay High  School. Members of the community felt compelled to form a group in Lodi aimed at speaking out against racism, and bigotry by celebrating diversity and promoting a greater understanding and tolerance of the wonderfully diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural groups in our community. 

Since it's conception in 1998, the group has taken an initiative with the Lodi Police Department to work as liaisons between the police department and members of the community who are victims of hate crimes. The Project now serves Lodi and the surrounding area by reaching out with compassion and sympathy to victims of hate crimes and working to prevent future hate crimes.

The central aim of Breakthrough Project for Social Justice has been to spread the message of peace and unity, by recognizing and appreciating the towns diversity, and truly making Lodi lovable and livable for all.   


"To create a community that celebrates its diversity and works to address social oppression, racism, and bigotry by encouraging interaction, understanding, and cooperation in Lodi."

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