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At Breakthrough Project we strive to make all people in this community feel welcome and invited. By creating an open door policy at our meetings we embrace the diversity this town provides. As we continue to gain recognition we hope to expand our organization, and it’s membership. At Breakthrough Project we are always looking for new projects and events to attend, so that others may share in our message of peace and unity.


Celebration on Central

Breakthrough Project has hosted the Bicycle Spin Art booth at Lodi’s Celebration on Central Faire, which is an event that takes place annually in September. We participate by providing students and their parents with the art supplies, and the spin art bicycle to make colorful art pieces that students get to take home. We also take part in the Celebration on Central student raffle where we have donated bikes and helmets for students to win.


Lodi Street Faire

We have taken part in the Lodi Street Faire Basket Raffle and the Lodi Street Faire, in an effort to spotlight the work Breakthrough Project has been doing in Lodi and, increase awareness of our presence in Lodi. We supplied small business owners and neighboring organizations, posters that read, “All are Welcome Here”, in our ongoing effort to condemn racism and bigotry. We handed out these posters to remind all who stopped by our booth to share in the power of nonviolence, tolerance, and compassion for all.


Festival of Trees

Breakthrough Project took place in the yearly celebration, The Festival of Trees held at the San Joaquin Historical Museum located inside of Micke Grove Park. The submission was titled ‘Peace Pine’. The purpose of our submission this year was to echo the sentiment associated with the classic Christmas carol, “Silent Night”, by elaborating on the lyric “Let there be peace on Earth”. By taking part in The Festival of Trees, we intended to remind attendees the impact we make on the lives of all the people in our community, and to continue towards attitudes of tolerance and acceptance and further the progress in the direction of peace on Earth.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration of Unity

The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration is the largest event that Breakthrough Project hosts. It is an event meant to honor and commemorate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and his message of peace and equality. Breakthrough Project recognizes local peacemakers and civil servants in Lodi, by recognizing and awarding their devotion to making Lodi a better place for all. Students in fifth and sixth grade are encouraged to take part in the district wide, Art Raab essay contest. Art Raab was an original founder of Breakthrough Project, and the purpose of the contest is to honor his commitment to education, and ensure that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words of wisdom are not lost amongst Lodi’s youth.


Lodi Peace Walk

The Lodi Peace Walk, is a newly founded event that is aimed at coalition building in the community. The Breakthrough project along with: The Lodi Salvation Army, The First Baptist Church of Lodi, The California Islamic Center, and the Deshmesh Darbar Sikh Temple. We have worked together to host this event, alongside the diverse organizations in Lodi, to encourage all members of the community to join together and march in solidarity, in the name of peace.

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Lodi Art Hop Fine Art Competition

Breakthrough Project offers three art scholarships to high school students that take part in the competition. The scholarships are held in honor of David Hill, an original founder of the Breakthrough Project. The theme of the competitive pieces differs every year however, stays in stride with breakthroughs core values. Students that compete in the competition are encouraged to submit an original artistic piece of any medium that fits the submission guidelines. There, a selection committee votes on the piece whose artistic merit, best fits the theme selected.

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